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Iraq: Sniper Attacks (II) Against U.S. Troops - August 2006




“[…] In recent months, military officers and enlisted marines say, the insurgents have been using snipers more frequently and with greater effect, disrupting the military’s operations and fueling a climate of frustration and quiet rage. Across Iraq, the threat has become serious enough that in late October the military held an internal conference about it, sharing the experiences of combat troops and discussing tactics to counter it. There has been no ready fix. […] For the infantry, Iraq’s improved snipers have created confounding new dangers, as an unseen enemy plucks members from their ranks. […]


“By many measures, the Iraqi snipers have showed unexceptional marksmanship, usually shooting from within 300 yards, far less than ranges preferred by the elite snipers in Western military units. But as the insurgent sniper teams have become more active, the marines here say, they have displayed greater skill, selecting their targets and their firing positions with care. They have also developed cunning methods of mobility and concealment, including firing from shooting platforms and hidden ports within cars. […]”


Excerpt from a New York Times article from November 4th, 2006

Wounded U.S. marine after sniper attack


The Video



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Operation 1: U.S. soldiers in camp

Operation 2: U.S. soldier on watch

Operation 3: U.S. soldiers on patrol

Video & Photo Credits


Background photos: Sgt. Jesse E. Leach of the Marines assisted Lance Cpl. Juan Valdez-Castillo, who was shot by a sniper in the town of Karma. He survived. - November 3rd, 2006 - Joao Silva for The New York Times.


Video: The video was published by the insurgent group “Jaish al-Mujahideen”. The exact dates and locations are unknown.


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