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Iraq: Predator Missile Attack against Iraqi Insurgents - September 2004


Predator missile kills supposed insurgents



“Newly released military video reveals unmanned U.S. Predators firing Hellfire missiles to rescue U.S. troops under fire in Iraq and destroy insurgent targets. The U.S. Air Force released 10 video clips Tuesday in response to requests from CNN and other television networks.


“The black and white footage, all from the summer and fall of 2004, shows what officials say are insurgents planting roadside bombs, firing at U.S. positions and gathering to attack U.S. troops. The video came from sensors on Air Force Predator unmanned aerial vehicles, which can operate several miles away from positions they target and monitor. […]”


Excerpt of a CNN article from February 9th, 2005.


The Video



External view: link   file format: .flv


Missile attack against house

Attacks against fleeing insurgents

Explosion after impact

Video Credits


The featured video - Information from Multi-National Force Iraq Public Affairs (date unknown, link not available): “[…] A U.S. Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle “Predator” responds to a strike at Balad Air Base using a Hellfire missile. The missile firing targeted terrorists responsible for firing a 60mm mortar at the base. The footage is from one of two strikes which took place the morning of Sept. 5. The 42nd Infantry Division requested the support of the Joint Tactical Air Controller and directed the Predator to the mortar attacks point of origin.


“The Predator then followed a terrorist from the mortars point of origin as he ran toward a house. Four other suspected terrorists are also visible in the video. The video from the Predator and the following timeline outline these specific events:

5 Sept 0458 60mm mortar fired at Balad Airbase

5 Sept 0459 Point of origin from mortar attack is determined

5 Sept 0500 Joint Tactical Air Controller contacted for UAV support

5 Sept 0502 Runner joins four others near to house, hot mortar tube visible

5 Sept 0508 Hellfire missile fired. […]”

All screenshots depict videos, which were shot from predator aircrafts during the year 2004 in Iraq.

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