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Iraq: BBC Documentary on Mahmudiya Massacre - August 7th, 2006




[] A US military hearing has examined testimony of how three soldiers took it in turns to try to rape an Iraqi girl aged 14 in Mahmudiya in March. The girl and three family members were allegedly killed by four US soldiers. Graphic details of the attack at the family's home came in a sworn statement by one of the accused, James P Barker. [] Along with Sergeant Paul Cortez, Private Jesse Spielman, and Private Bryan Howard, Specialist Barker is charged with rape and murder. The four are alleged to have helped a former private - Steven Green, who has since left the army - plan, carry out and cover up the attack. Mr Green has pleaded not guilty in a federal court and will be tried separately in the US. []


Excerpt of an article by BBC News from August 7th, 2006.

Mahmudiya - The house of the murder and rape scene


The Video



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The Victims & Two of the Accused Marines

(From left to right) Passports with the photos of Fakhriya, Abeer & Qassem Al-Janabi - Steven Green - Jesse Spielman


Video & Photo Credits


The Video & Photo


The video is a short television documentary, which was produced by Baghdad BBC correspondent Jane Peel in August of 2006. The background photo shows the house in Mahmudiyah, Iraq, where Abeer Al-Janabi and her family were killed. - July 2006 - Associated Press;


The Victims & Two of the Accused Marines


1) The passports of Fakhriya Taha Mohsine Al-Janabi (mother), Abeer Kassem Hamza Al-Janabi (daughter), and Qassem Hamsa Rachid Al-Janabi (father) - July 2006 - Mohammed Hato/Associated Press;

1) The mugshot of Steven Green was made shortly after his arrest by FBI agents in Marion, North Carolina. - July 3rd, 2006 - Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office;

3) Jesse V. Spielman as U.S. soldier - undated - Chambersburg Public Opinion;

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