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Iraq: IED Attack (X) Against U.S. Military Convoy - January 2007




“[…] In the heart of [the] Sunni core of Baghdad, now under insurgent control, lies al-Khadra. The sort of area where the future of the US plan will be decided, it used to be a modestly prosperous 1970s suburb, bisected by important highways now leading to the US military headquarters at the airport, the half-ruined city of Fallujah and the notorious prison at Abu Ghraib. Another highway leads to Taji, north of Baghdad, where there have been repeated insurgent attacks. […] Al-Khadra was predisposed to favour armed resistance to the US. […] Sunni inhabitants often came from the great tribes of western Iraq, such as the al-Dulaimi, al-Rawi and al-Hadithi, who are at the heart of the insurgency. US vehicles often used the important roads leading through al-Khadra, and as often came under attack. The most common weapon was the [… IED], frequently consisting of several heavy artillery shells wired together. […]”


Excerpt of an Independent article from January 28th, 2007

IED Attack against convoy at U.S. military base


The Video



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Blood and Wreckage in Baghdad - January 2007

Before a school

At a market

At a commercial district

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The Video


1) The “Jaish Al-Mujahedeen” insurgents group released the video in January of 2007 and claimed responsibility for the attack. No date was given. The attack happened at a U.S. military base west of Baghdad, according to the group.


Blood and Wreckage in Baghdad


1) An Iraqi student walks past a pool of blood at the entrance of her school in Baghdad's al-Adel neighborhood after it was targeted by a mortar attack.- January 28th, 2007 - Wisam Sami/Agence France Press/US Army;

2) Iraqis gather at the site where two suicide bombers blew up their vehicles in Baghdad's Jadida district. - January 28th, 2007 - Ali Yussef/Agence France Press;

3) A boy looks at bloodstains on the ground after a roadside bomb attack in Baghdad January 28, 2007. A roadside bomb killed five people and wounded 20 in a commercial street in the southern Bayaa district of Baghdad, police said. - January 28th, 2007 - Mohammed Ameen/Reuters;

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