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Iraq: IED Attack (V) Against U.S. Stryker Vehicle - August 27th, 2006


Background - Ripples of blast still affect Stryker troops


“[…] The massive explosion ripped a crater into the road. Fort Lewis soldiers, dazed and bloody, staggered from their toppled Stryker and pulled buddies out as enemy fighters rained bullets from all directions. […] The blast that killed Cross and Dolan stands as the biggest hit to the Stryker brigade since it returned to Iraq in July, with troops spread between Baghdad and Mosul.


“The way the men died was also rare: The armored, 21-ton infantry carriers are known for taking a hit and rolling back to base. Losing one life from traumatic wounds caused by a roadside bomb is unusual, two casualties in one attack even more so. The improvised explosive device was planted along the main highway that runs from Jordan through Baghdad. It's still probably the most dangerous area that the Tomahawk Battalion patrols. […]”


Excerpt of an article by the Olympian from October 7th, 2006.

U.S. Stryker vehicle hits an IED in Ghazaliya


The video



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The moment before the explosion

The explosion

A rolled-over stryker after the attack

Video Credits


The Jaish Al-Mujahedeen insurgents group released the video in early September of 2006 and claimed responsibility for the attack.

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