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Iraq: IED Attack (IV) Against U.S. Humvee - May 2006


Background - The IED Marketplace in Iraq


“[…]The insurgents try to discover why and at what times American patrols travel along specific routes. Insurgents have even used hoax IEDs placed in plain view so they can watch the American response and gather intelligence on security methods and bomb disposal team operations to prepare for future attacks. IED target selection is done with the intent of maximizing casualties and media exposure. […]


“The target site must also have multiple escape routes. The components are then assembled at a well-concealed bomb factory and then moved from any area likely to be searched by American patrols to a holding area until the weapon is placed.”


Excerpt of an article of “Defense News” from August 3rd, 2005.

IED attack against U.S. humvee


The Video



External view: link   file format: .avi


U.S. humvee driving through rural Iraq

The humvee hits an IED

A huge explosion destroys the vehicle

Video Credits


The above video, a silent movie, has been published by the “1920 Revolution Brigades” during September of 2006 and shows an IED attack against a U.S. humvee in Iraq. The exact location is not known. The given date is May 20th, 2006. That date might not be correct, as the U.S. military did not report any casualties from an IED attack on that day.

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