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Iraq: IED Attack (III) Against U.S. Convoy - March 11th, 2006


Background - Insurgents’ Countertactics


“[…]The first IEDs were triggered by wires and batteries; insurgents waited on the roadside and detonated the primitive devices when Americans drove past. After a while, U.S. troops got good at spotting and killing the triggermen when bombs went off. That led the insurgents to replace their wires with radio signals. The Pentagon, at frantic speed and high cost, equipped its forces with jammers to block those signals, accomplishing the task this spring. The insurgents adapted swiftly by sending a continuous radio signal to the IED; when the signal stops or is jammed, the bomb explodes. The solution? Track the signal and make sure it continues. Problem: the signal is encrypted. Now the Americans are grappling with the task of cracking the encryption on the fly and mimicking it - so far, without success. […]”


Excerpt of a “Newsweek” article from June 27th, 2005.

IED hits U.S. convoy


The Video



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U.S. convoy drives on a narrow road

An IED hits the leading vehicle

After the explosion

Video Credits


This video has been published by the Jaish Al-Mujahideen, a Sunni insurgent group. The location of the attack is not known. The day of the attack is supposedly March 11th of 2006.

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