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Iraq: IED Attack (I) Against U.S. Convoy - Spring 2004




“Improvised explosive devices - IEDs for short - are the weapons of choice for Iraqi insurgents, with triggers that can be improvised from an easy-to-find object, such as a phone or even a remote-controlled toy. […] Such attacks have accounted for more than half of all U.S. military injuries in Iraq. They are, by far, the single-greatest cause of death for U.S. service members. […] In addition, ingenuity and experience have helped the insurgents fashion ever-more-lethal devices, including bombs with nails and ball bearings, intended to maim and kill, and shape charges, designed to cut through steel armor plates. Often, when insurgents plant an IED, they watch and wait to trigger the bomb when it will inflict maximum damage. Often, they film the results. […]”


Excerpt of an “ABC News” article from January 29th, 2006.

A U.S. humvee is hit by a roadside bomb aka “IED”


The Video



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An IED is placed near a road

A U.S. convoy aproaches the location

The aftermath of the attack

Video Credits


The attack featured in the video apparently took place during Spring of 2004 in Iraq. The exact date and location is not known. It was later posted on the Internet by the “Site Institute” on June 7th, 2006.

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