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Iraq: The CNN “Fit to Kill” Video (Excerpt)


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Background - Iraq, Autumn 2003


“[…] Information Clearing House has a video clip from a CNN Presents segment entitled ‘Fit To Kill.’ The video clip features the slaying of a wounded Iraqi lying prostrate on the ground ‘next to his gun.’ It is hard to discern any weapon near the man in the video; nevertheless, he was incapacitated and the [U.S.] marines kept firing at him. Next a bullet rips into the doomed man’s body; it heaves one final time; the neck snaps back and flips forward, and his body slumps deathly limp. Whoops of merriment are plainly audible from the killers. It used to be that morality decreed that one should ‘never hit a man when he's down.’ The inescapable conclusion is either that this morality is no longer in effect or that these killers are behaving immorally. […]”


Excerpt from a “Dissident Voice” article from December 15th, 2003

An Iraqi insurgent lies wounded on the ground


The Video



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Media Reports


December 15th, 2003 - Challenging the Justification of Killing

1 news article by the Dissident Voice Newsletter


October 26th, 2003 - CNN Presents: Fit To Kill

Transcript of a CNN Documentary



The moment of the killing

The killer

U.S. Marine Riddle: “That was awesome”

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