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Iraq: Urban Combat in Falluja - November 2004




“[…] Thousands of American troops fought their way into the most dangerous parts of Falluja last night at the start of an all-out assault to win back control of the Iraqi insurgent stronghold. The much-heralded attack began shortly after dusk in a two-pronged push by marines into suburbs in the north, while US army soldiers fired volleys of mortars into the southern parts of the city. […] The top US commander in Iraq, General George Casey, said last night that ‘a major confrontation’ was expected. ‘We expect that we will have a fight in there over the next few days. As I said, I do believe some [insurgents] have relocated already to other places, but others have come in.’ He said there were between 10,000 and 15,000 US troops and more than five battalions of Iraqis involved in the operation. […]”


Excerpt of a Guardian article from November 9th, 2004.

U.S. troops shooting at Falluja insurgents


The Video



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Aftermath Scenes from ‘liberated’ Falluja

Dead boy

Dead insurgent

Dead civilian

Video & Photo Credits


The Video


The video features urban street fighting in Falluja during November of 2004. The producer of the video is most likely a member of the U.S. forces.


Aftermath Scenes from ‘liberated’ Falluja


1) Dead boy is still holding a white flag for surrender. - November 2004 - Dahr Jamail;

2) Dead insurgent, partially eaten by dogs - November 2004 - Dahr Jamail;

3) Dead Iraqi civilian. - November 2004 - Dahr Jamail;

The photos are re-published with the permission of the author.

More photos from Falluja can be found on Dahr Jamail’s MidEast Dispatches website.

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