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The 2005 Camp Bucca Riots


Background - Camp Bucca in 2005


“Prisoners at a US-run detention camp in southern Iraq rioted on April 1, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) confirmed on Monday following a denial of the incident by the US military. ‘There was a riot at Camp Bucca on April 1. An ICRC delegation was there that day on one of its regular prisoner visits and it is now following up the situation,’ said Christophe Beney, the head of the ICRC’s Baghdad delegation. Earlier, a representative of radical cleric Moqtada Sadr’s movement had revealed that some detainees rioted at Camp Bucca on Friday after one of them had been denied medical treatment. […]”


Excerpt of an Agence France Presse article from April 5th, 2005.

US troops shooting at rioting prisoners


The Video



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Life at Camp Bucca



Guard & Prisoner

Video Credits


The Video


1) The video captures the shooting of non-lethal bullets by U.S. military police against rioting Iraqis at the Iraqi prison facility Camp Bucca, compound 7 & 8 during the year 2005. The exact date is unknown. It was filmed by a member of the military police, Joseph E. Rey.


Life at Camp Bucca


1) A US military officer stands in front of the visitation area at the Camp Bucca detention camp on the outskirts of Umm Qasr. - 2004 - Agence France Presse;

2) 60 Minutes II obtained a U.S. soldier's home video from Camp Bucca in Southern Iraq, where American soldiers have been accused of abusing Iraqi prisoners. - 2004 - CBS 60 Minutes/unknown U.S. soldier;

3) At Camp Bucca, Iraq, restraints are removed from a detainee by 105th MP Spc. Melanie Eckstadt from Burnsville, Nc., in the exercise pen of the isolation unit, where those who violate the rules are housed for up to 30 days for punishment. Camp Bucca is one of the largest prison in the world where over 6,000 prisoner of war are held at this remote facility. It is named after Ronald Bucca , a soldier with the 800th MP who died in 9/11 attack. - Copyright © 2005, Nick Oza;


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