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Iraq: U.S. Aerial Attack Against Al-Mahdi Militants - November 2006




“Backed by U.S.-led coalition advisers, Iraqi security forces battled insurgents early Tuesday in Baghdad’s Sadr City neighborhood, the U.S. military said. At least five people were killed in the fighting, including a mother and her 8-month-old child, and 18 others were wounded, an Iraqi Health Ministry official said. A Shiite legislator, holding the dead child's body, told reporters outside a hospital morgue that the Iraqi government should be denounced for allowing such attacks, The Associated Press reported. […] During Tuesday’s operation, Iraqi forces and coalition aircraft came under small-arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire, the military said, but added, ‘Coalition aircraft neutralized the threat.’ No casualties were reported among Iraqi and coalition forces. […]”


Excerpt of a CNN article from November 22nd, 2006

U.S. airstrike in Sadr City


The Video



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War Scenes from Sadr City

Aerial view of Sadr City

Destroyed window after airstrike

Demonstration against U.S. forces

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The Video


The video was filmed and commented by U.S. military personnel in Baghdad, Iraq. The date of the filming is not certain. It could be the 20th or the 21st of November 2006.


War Scenes from Sadr City


1) View of Sadr City, Iraq, in the days preceding the Dec. 15 2005 countrywide parliamentary elections. Sadr City, part of the East Baghdad area, is home to about 2.6 million people. - December 2005 - U.S. Army photo;

2) An Iraqi girl looks through the window of a house that was damaged during an Iraqi and U.S. Army joint force raid and airstrike in Baghdad's Shiite slum of Sadr City, Iraq. - December 16th, 2006 - Karim Kadim/Associated Press;

3) Residents chant slogans as they gather on a road after U.S. troops abandoned roadblocks in Baghdad's Sadr city, October 31, 2006. Iraq's prime minister, in a very public demonstration of his influence over the U.S. military, ordered the lifting on Tuesday of a week-old cordon around the Baghdad militia stronghold of one of his key Shi'ite allies. - October 31st, 2006 - Kareen Raheem/Reuters;

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