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Iraq: The Assassination of Sheikh Harith al-Obeidi


Background - Baghdad, June 12th, 2009


“The moderate leader of the largest Sunni bloc in parliament was assassinated Friday after delivering a sermon at a Baghdad mosque, a killing that could set back efforts to reconcile differences between the two Muslim sects before national elections. Harith al-Obeidi, 47, was an outspoken advocate for prisoners’ rights, one of the most divisive issues in relations between the disaffected Sunni minority and the Shiite-led government. […] The attack took place in a western Baghdad neighborhood […]. The gunman shot and killed al-Obeidi and a bodyguard in the mosque courtyard at about 1:30 p.m., then was killed himself after detonating a grenade as he tried to flee, according to Iraqi officials. […]”


Excerpt of a Huffington Post article from June 12th, 2009.

The site of the assassination of Harith al-Obeidi


The Video



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The Aftermath of the Killing

The killing site

The funeral (I)

The funeral (II)

Video & Photo Credits


The Video


1) The video was apparently shot shortly after the assassination of al-Obeidi on June 12th, 2009. The source is unknown. It was later distributed over the Internet.




1) Iraqi soldier walks in front of a mosque where a Sunni lawmaker Harith al-Obeidi was killed in Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, June 12, 2009. al-Obeidi, a senior Sunni lawmaker was shot dead outside the mosque after Friday prayers in western Baghdad, officials said, underscoring fears that violence could rise ahead of Iraq's national elections next year. - June 12th, 2009 - Khalid Mohammed/AP;


The Aftermath of the Killing


1) Soldiers stand at the site of the assassination of Harith al-Obeidi - June 12th, 2009 - Khalid Mohammed/AP;

2) Harith al-Obeidi’s brother & relatives cry as they hold onto his coffin during al-Obeidi’s funeral ceremony at Adhamiya District in Baghdad - June 13th, 2009 - Retrieved from on July 5th, 2009;

3) Iraqi soldiers carry the casket of Harith al-Obeidi - June 13th, 2009 - AK News;


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