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Iraq: IED/EFP Attacks Against U.S. Military Vehicles - May 2008




“[…] Numbers of Iranian-made ‘explosively formed penetrators’ (EFPs) in Iraq decreased in recent months, reflecting an apparent decline in Tehran's support for Iraqi insurgents, a US general said Thursday. ‘The EFPs are way down - I am talking about terms of a dozen, 20 in Iraq in a month from maybe 60, 80,’ US Army Lieutenant General Thomas Metz told journalists. EFPs are a deadly type of shaped charge that is particularly effective at penetrating armor. Metz, director of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO), […] said the EFPs have been deployed against US forces with lethal effectiveness. ‘They have represented over time probably five percent of IEDs, and would represent as much as 35 percent of the casualties.’ […]”


Excerpt of an AFP article from December 11th, 2008.

EFP attack in Baghdad


The Video



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IED attack

EFP attack

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The Video


1) The video is an excerpt of a documentary from the Lebanese tv channel “Al-Manar” on attacks on U.S. military vehicles by the Iraqi Shia insurgent group “Asayab Ahl Al-Haqq”. All of the featured attacks apparently took place in the Al-Karkh district of Baghdad during the month of May in 2008. The date of the tv broadcast is not known.


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