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German Television Documentary: “Iraq War - Germany as U.S. Informant”




“Two German intelligence agents in Baghdad obtained a copy of Saddam Hussein’s plan to defend the Iraqi capital, which a German official passed on to American commanders a month before the invasion, according to a classified study by the United States military. In providing the Iraqi document, German intelligence officials offered more significant assistance to the United States than their government has publicly acknowledged. The plan gave the American military an extraordinary window into Iraq’s top-level deliberations, including where and how Mr. Hussein planned to deploy his most loyal troops. […] But the German government was an especially vociferous critic of the Bush administration’s decision to use military force to topple Mr. Hussein. While the German government has said that it had intelligence agents in Baghdad during the war, it has insisted it provided only limited help to the United States-led coalition. […]”


Excerpt of a New York Times article from February 27th, 2006.

Saddam Hussein’s defense plan


The Video



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Transcript of the Documentary


September 23rd, 2008 - Beitrag: Deutschland als US-Informant

Broadcast transcript from ZDF (German television) (in German)


German War Sub-Contractors

Gerhard Schröder

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

Joschka Fischer

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The Video


1) The video “Iraq War - Germany as U.S. Informant” was part of a broadcast of the television newsmagazine “Frontal 21” on the German state channel “ZDF” (“Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen”). The segment was aired on September 23rd, 2008. The official website can be found here.




1) Saddam Hussein’s plan for the defense of Baghdad, obtained by German agents and provided to the United States in February 2003, a month before the war, according to a study by the American military. - February 2003 - Source unknown/Published in the New York Times on February 27th, 2006;


German War Sub-Contractors


1) Gerhard Schröder, SPD, Bundeskanzler a. D./former German chancellor - Date unknown - Deutscher Bundestag/German parliament;

2) Frank-Walter Steinmeier, former head of the Office of the Chancellor and current German Foreign minister - Date unknown - Bundesregierung/German federal government;

3) Joseph “Joschka” Fischer, Die Grünen/Green Party, Bundesminister a. D./former German foreign minister - Date unknown - Deutscher Bundestag/German parliament;


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