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Iraq: Al-Jazeera Documentary on the Thar Thar Killings (II)




“The United Nations has called for a ‘vigorous’ investigation into a US air raid that killed 15 Iraqi women and children last week. The call comes as the first pictures emerged in the aftermath of the attack, which took place north of Baghdad on Thursday. US forces expressed regret over the loss of civilian life but said they sent in helicopters after ground troops came under fire from al-Qaeda fighters. […] The US admitted six women and nine children were killed along with 19 fighters. Villagers say they have buried 24 people but do not know what happened to the others who they said were taken away by the Americans. […]”


Excerpt of an Al-Jazeera article from October 14th, 2007.

Aftermath at the scene of the Thar Thar killings


The Video



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Video Screenshots

Bullet riddled house

Bloodstains (I)

Bloodstains (II)

Video Credits


1) The video is a short documentary by Al-Jazeera, which was aired on October 14th, 2007 via the Al-Jazeera television channel and its website.


Summary of the Thar Thar Killings (II)

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