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Iraq: Sniper Attacks (III) Against U.S. Troops - February 2007




“In a country where rumors exist as fact, and in a war where initial reports are often wrong, there seemed to be little stopping the legend of Juba the Sniper. Islamic militant Web sites, comics, bootleg videos and songs had, for almost two years, touted the deadly prowess of the ‘Qannas Baghdad,’ the apocryphal insurgent sniper credited with killing scores - some say hundreds - of U.S. and Iraqi troops in every quarter of Iraq’s capital. […]

“To be sure, insurgent snipers have exacted a toll on U.S. and Iraqi troops from Anbar province to Baghdad. After a relatively peaceful start to the Baghdad security plan - a campaign aimed at quelling the ages-old animosity between Shiite and Sunni Muslims here - snipers have re-emerged as a deadly presence. […]”

Excerpt of a “Stars and Stripes” article from April 22nd, 2007.

Target 1 of Iraqi snipers


The Video



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Target 2

Target 3

Target 4

Video Credits


1) The video was published by the Iraqi insurgent group “Jaish al-Mujahideen” in February of 2007. The group claimed responsibility for the attacks. The exact dates and locations of the attacks are unknown.


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