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Iraq: Drive through “Liberated” Ramadi - April 2007




“The U.S. military has struggled for nearly four years to secure Ramadi, a city west of Baghdad that had become a magnet for Sunni insurgents and a lawless haven for al-Qaida militants. Now - slowly and in halting steps - something appears to have given way. At least by its own tortured standards, Ramadi seems to be calming. ‘It’s much safer than it was. But is it perfectly safe? No,’ said Army Col. John W. Charlton, the commander responsible for the city about 75 miles west of the capital. ‘As long as al-Qaida is operating in Iraq, it's not going to be.’ Ramadi offers a snapshot of the Pentagon’s latest strategies to quell violence across the nation. […]”

Excerpt of an article by the Associated Press from April 21st, 2007.

Destroyed, but “safe”: the city of Ramadi


The Video



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Destroyed building


Iraqi boy on the street

Video Credits


1) The video has been shot during a patrol tour of Ramadi in April of 2007. It was produced by U.S. soldier Krista Finley from the unit HHC 1 BDE 3 ID. The original title of the video was “The city of Ramadi - Images of Buildings and People in Ramadi, Iraq”;


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