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Iraq: The Killing of Mary Awanis - SBS Dateline Documentary




“[…] On Tuesday 9 October, Mary Awanis and her three passengers were driving through the streets of Baghdad. At that same moment, an armed convoy belonging to the Australian-run private security company Unity Resources Group was returning to its base. Mary’s car was reportedly driving about 90m behind the convoy when the URG guards decided it was a security threat. They used flares and hand signals to warn Mary off, but when her car came closer, they fired over 40 shots towards it. […]”


Excerpt of the SBS documentary from November 21st, 2007.

Killed by mercenaries: Marani “Mary” Manook


The Video



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Screenshots from the documentary

Manook’s car after shooting

Sign: Unity Resources Group

URG’s headquarters in Dubai

Video Credits


The Video


1) The video is an Australian television documentary, which was aired in Australia on November 21st, 2007. The documentary was produced by the “Special Broadcasting Service” (SBS). The reporter is Sophie McNeill. The official website of this documentary can be found here.


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