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Iraq: IED Attack (XV) Against U.S. Humvee - July 2007




“A silent, invisible battle is being fought against roadside bombs in Iraq. Though the military doesn’t like to advertise their use, electronic jamming systems are playing a key role in neutralizing the threat. ‘Any weapon we had against IEDs, was utilized including jamming technology,’ said Jason Spencer, 29, an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, engineer who served with the Army in Iraq in 2005. Vehicle mounted electronic jammers attempt to block a signal going to a radio-controlled IED. The military also uses portable backpack jammers. ‘The sophistication of IEDs definitely increased during my time in Iraq,’ said Spencer. ‘There was a definite increase in remote detonation.’ […] U.S. forces are dealing with an adaptive, innovative and flexible enemy, according to the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, or JIEDDO, which is leading the counter-IED effort for the military. […]”


Excerpt of a CNN article from August 13th, 2007.

Business as usual: exploding U.S. vehicle


The Video



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Directors at the JIEDDO

Montgomery Meigs

Robin Keesee

Anthony Tata


Video & Photo Credits


The Video


1) The video was published by the Iraqi insurgent group “Islamic Army of Iraq” in July of 2007. The group claimed responsibility for the attack. The exact date is unknown. The attack apparently took place in Jaif al-Sakhr.


Directors at the JIEDDO


1) Montgomery Meigs, General, U.S. Army Retired, Director JIEDDO - undated - official website of JIEDDO;

2) Robin Keesee, Ph.D., Deputy Director JIEDDO - undated - official website of JIEDDO;

3) Anthony Tata, Brigadier General, US Army, Director of Operations JIEDDO - undated - official website of JIEDDO;


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