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Iraq: IED Attack (XIII) Against U.S. RG-31 Nyala Vehicle - June 6th, 2007




“The number of American troops killed by homemade bombs in Iraq has nearly doubled this spring, since the ‘surge’ of forces began, a stark reminder of the dangers there and a trend that intensifies pressure on the Pentagon agency charged with defeating the bombs. As of Tuesday, the Defense Department confirms that 377 service members have been killed under hostile circumstances since Jan. 1 – with 265 of those deaths, or 70 percent, attributed to improvised explosive devices. That rate represents the average normally attributed to deaths from the bombs, called IEDs. But the trend line is not good. In each of the past two months, the share of deaths attributed to IEDs has jumped to 83 percent, according to Pentagon data. […]”


Excerpt of a Christian Science Monitor article from May 23rd, 2007.

IED attack in Falluja


The Video



External view: link   file format: .avi (16 MB)

Screenshots of other recent IED videos

Attack 1

Attack 2

Attack 3

Video & Photo Credits


The Video


1) The featured video has been produced and distributed via the Internet by the Iraqi insurgent group “Islamic State of Iraq” (ISI). The exact date of the attack is not known, but it probably happened shortly before the video was released over the Internet on June 6th, 2007. The location is Falluja.


Screenshots of other recent IED videos


1) IED vs. U.S. Hummer vehicle. - Video by the Al-Fatih Al-Islami Brigade - May/June 2007 - Al-Anbar Province;

2) IED vs. US vehicle. -  Video by the Al-Rashideen Army - May/June 2007 - Al-Anbar Province;

3) IED versus U.S. Stryker vehicle. - Video by the “Islamic State of Iraq” - May 21st, 2007 - Location not specified;


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