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Iraq: Firefight between Insurgents and U.S. Troops in Diyala Province - June 22nd, 2007




“The new operation launched by American and Iraqi troops in Diyala province and its capital Baquba, just north of Baghdad, is one of the biggest campaigns undertaken by US troops since the invasion in 2003. Codenamed Arrowhead Ripper, the operation involves some 10,000 troops - probably around 6,000 US and 4,000 Iraqis - lifted in by helicopters and backed by massive firepower in the shape of tanks, artillery and close air support. The first focus of the operation seemed to be on the western quarters of Baquba itself, where fighters from al-Qaeda and likeminded radical Sunni groups have become deeply entrenched in recent months, with government control and services withering away. […]”


Excerpt of a BBC News article from June 19th, 2007

Insurgents fire a rocket against U.S. troops


The Video



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Iraq War Scenes from June 2007

Wounded girl

Killed farmers in hospital

Death after U.S. attacks

Video & Photo Credits


The Video


1) The video clips was released by the insurgents group “Ansar Al-Sunnah” in late June of 2007. The video was shot in the Diyala province during the attacks by U.S./Iraqi forces against local insurgents.


Iraq War Scenes from June 2007


1) A girl wounded in a bomb attack stands near the rubble of her family’s destroyed house in Baghdad. Dozens of residents became homeless after Tuesday’s bomb attack in a market in Baghdad’s Amil district which killed 19 people and wounding 71 others. - June 3rd, 2007 - Ali Jasim/Reuters;

2) A man stands near the bodies of fellow farmers who were killed by gunmen, in a hospital in Kirkuk, about 250 km (150 miles) north of Baghdad. Gunmen opened fire at farmers in their fields, killing two and wounding six others, police said. - June 2nd, 2007 - Slahaldeen Rasheed/Reuters;

3) Relatives grieve around the coffin of a man who was killed during a joint raid by the U.S.-Iraqi forces in Baghdad’s Sadr City. The number of civilians killed in Iraq jumped to nearly 2,000 in May, according to figures released on Saturday. - June 1st, 2007 - Kareem Raheem/Reuters;


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