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CBS/60 Minutes Documentary on “Curveball”


Background - Broadcast from November 1st, 2007


“Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction? No, he did not. We’ve known that for some time now. So where did the intelligence come from that he was building up his arsenal? Fantastically, the most compelling part came from one obscure Iraqi defector who came in and out of history like a comet. His code name, ironically, was ‘Curve Ball’ and his information became the pillar of the case Colin Powell made to the United Nations before the war. Who is Curve Ball and how did he fool the world’s elite intelligence agencies? 60 Minutes spent two years, and traveled to nine countries, trying to solve the mystery. We talked to intelligence sources, to people who knew Curve Ball and to people who worked with him. […]”


Excerpt of CBS/60 Minutes transcript from November 4th, 2007.

“Curveball” aka Rafid Ahmed Alwan in 1993


The Video



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File photo of “Curveball”

Former CIA director George Tenet

Letter by German intelligence chief

Video Credits


Background and Screenshots


The television documentary on “Curveball” was produced by Draggan Mihailovich for CBS/60 Minutes. It was aired on November 1st, 2007 in the United States. The transcript was published on the Internet on November 4th, 2007. CBS Interactive Inc. owns the copyrights for the video.


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