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The Killing of Muhammad Hussain Kadir


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Background - Tal Al-Jal, February 28th, 2004


“[…] The man wore sweat pants, a baggy top and a head scarf. As the two soldiers approached with rifles and plastic flex-cuffs, the Iraqi became angry and began pointing back to the village.


“Waruch pantomimed for the man to put his hands in the air. As the soldiers came within three yards of the Iraqi, Waruch told Edward to stand guard with his rifle while he handcuffed the man.


“Waruch did a quick upper-body search. As he tried to pull the man’s wrists down to handcuff him, he resisted, and Waruch ordered Edward to raise his weapon to ‘high ready.’


“Edward would later say that Waruch told him to ‘shoot him if he moves,’ a statement Waruch would deny making. Edward was at close range, but he flipped his rifle scope up, training its red dot on the cow herder’s head.


“The man stopped resisting as Waruch cuffed him, and the sergeant turned to lead him back to the road. As they walked on the uneven field, the man lost his balance and stumbled into Waruch.


“A single shot from Edward’s M4 rang out. The Iraqi dropped. Waruch squatted down, covering his ears. Edward was pale and holding his rifle with one hand. He said the Iraqi had jumped at the sergeant. Brain matter was seeping from the man’s eyes. His cows were wandering away in the field. […]”


Excerpt of a Washington Post article from September 24th, 2006.

U.S. military checkpoint near Kirkuk


Media Reports


September 24th, 2006 - The Army vs. Spec. Richmond

1 news article by the Washington Post


June 25th, 2006 - Soldier who Killed Iraqi Man Released from Prison

1 news article by the Associated Press


October 3rd, 2005 - Schofield Soldier Filing Appeal

1 news article by the Honolulu Advertiser


August 6th, 2004 - Hawai’i Soldier Convicted in Killing of Iraqi Civilian

1 news article by the Honolulu Advertiser


June 30th, 2004 - Murder Charge is Unjust, Soldier Says

1 news article by the Honolulu Advertiser


June 18th, 2004 - Schofield Soldier Faces Court-Martial for Iraqi Death

1 news article by the Honolulu Advertiser


Military Reports


March 25th, 2005 - Army Criminal Investigators Outline 27 Confirmed or Suspected Detainee Homicides

Report by the United States Army/Criminal Investigation Command


“Date of Occurrence: 28 Feb 04.


“Unit: 1/27th Infantry Bataillon (25th Infantry Division)


“Synopsis: A SGT attempted to detain an Iraqi near Taal Al Jal, Kirkuk. The Iraqi resisted when the SGT attempted to place flexi-cuffs on him. A PFC raised his weapon to allegedly protect the SGT. The detainee allegedly lunged toward the SGT, at which time the PFC shot the detainee. Further investigation revealed the PFC admitted to lying about the detainee lunging forward the SGT. On 5 Aug, the PFC was tried at a contested General Court-Martial consisting of officer and enlisted panel members in Tikrit, iraq and was found not guilty of Murder but guilty of a lesser charge of Voluntary Manslaughter. he was sentenced to a Dishonorable Discharge and three years of confinement. […]”


War Scenes from Kirkuk

Aftermath of a suicide bomb attack

Burning pipeline

Scene of a bomb explosion

Photo Credits



1) U.S. military checkpoint near Kirkuk - undated - Christopher Allbritton;


War Scenes from Kirkuk

1) A car burns in the street in Kirkuk, Iraq, after a suicide car bomber slammed into a convoy carrying Kirkuk traffic police chief Brig. Gen. Salar Ahmed - June 28th, 2005 - Associated Press;

2) Soldier standing before a burning oil pipeline near Kirkut - undated - Der Spiegel;

3) Aftermath of a bomb attack in Kirkuk - undated - Associated Press;

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