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The Haditha Massacre



The Massacre of Haditha - The Revenge Killing of 24 Iraqi Civilians

Images of the Killings - A Photo Series

The Trigger Incident - The Killing of Miguel Terrazas by a Roadside Bomb

The two photos show the wreck of the U.S. vehicle that was struck by a roadside bomb on the day of November 19th, 2005. One marine, Miguel Terrazas was killed. Two other marines, Lance Cpl. James Crossan and Lance Cpl. Salvador Guzman, were seriously injured. The killing of Terrazas allegedly triggered the subsequent mass revenge killing by the marines. The photos are part of the report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).

The Initial Killings - The Taxi Killing

Five unarmed men in a white car are pulled out of their car and executed.

This picture is also part of the NCIS report.

Another photo from the NCIS report

The Subsequent Killings inside the Houses

The photos show the aftermath of the killings 19 other Iraqi civilians, including 6 children and an elderly couple, inside one of three houses in the vicinity of the roadside bomb attack. The photos a stills from a video that was shot on November 20th by a journalism student from the Haditha area. The photos were later distributed by the Associated Press.

The Aftermath

The bodies from the killed adults and children are transported from the morgue to the cemetary. The source of the photos is again the above mentioned video.

Two Photos that need no further explanation


Photo Credits

All displayed photos are either part of the report of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service or stills from the video of Taher Thabet from Haditha. The photos were later published by Reuters, the Associated Press and other news agencies.

Date: November 19th & 20th, 2005.

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