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The Al-Kut Killings



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Background - April 26th, 2009


“A pre-dawn raid involving U.S. forces left at least one person dead in southern Iraq on Sunday, prompting local officials to demand an investigation. The raid set off a protest by hundreds of people who gathered outside the morgue in the Shiite city of Kut, and the provincial council later called for an inquiry. The U.S. military said its forces took part in the raid and that a woman was killed, but gave no other details. […] Iraqi police officials say the wife and brother of a local clan leader were killed. They also say the clan leader, Ahmed Abdul Muneim al-Bdeir, and six others were arrested. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to release the information. […]” - Excerpt of an Associated Press article from April 26th, 2009.


Demonstration after the killing


Media Reports


May 1st, 2009 - U.S. Says Troops Will Not Face Trial Over Iraq Raid

1 news article from Reuters


April 28th, 2009 - Iraq Demands Official Apology for U.S. Raid

1 news article from Reuters


April 27th, 2009 - Iraq: US Raid ‘Crime’ that Breaks Security Pact

4 news articles from the Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, Agence France Presse & the Scotsman


April 26th, 2009 - After a U.S. Raid: 2 Iraqis Dead, Protests and Regrets

2 news articles from the Associated Press & New York Times



Government Reports


April 26th, 2009 - Forces Arrest Suspected JAM Special Groups and Promise Day Brigade Associates

Press Release by the Public Affairs Office of the Multi-National Force, Iraq


“[…] Coalition forces arrested six suspected members of the JAM Special Groups and Promise Day Brigade and killed one suspected network criminal early Sunday in Al Kut.


“In an operation fully coordinated and approved by the Iraqi government, Coalition forces targeted a network financier, who is also responsible for smuggling weapons into the country to support JAM Special Groups and Promise Day Brigade.


“Coalition forces approached a residence believed to be the location of the suspect, as forces approached the residence an individual with a weapon came out of the home. Forces assessed him to be hostile, and they engaged the man, killing him. During the engagement, a woman in the area moved into the line of fire and was also struck by gunfire. A Coalition forces medic treated her on site, but she died of her wounds before she could be evacuated.


“Forces apprehended six other JAM Special Groups and Promise Day Brigade associates without incident.


“The Government of Iraq has requested the temporary assistance of US forces for the purpose of supporting Iraq in its effort to maintain security and stability, including cooperation in the conduct of operations against terrorist and criminal groups, and remnants of the former regime. […]”


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1) A raid by U.S. soldiers in Kut, Iraq, killed two, and Iraq called it a crime. Above, men carry the coffin of a woman killed in the raid. - April 26th, 2009 - Agence France-Presse/Getty Images;


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