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Background - January 31st, 2005


“U.S. troops in Iraq shot dead four inmates during a prison riot on Monday, the military said. Six prisoners were wounded in the violence, which affected hundreds of detainees at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq on the day after Iraqis voted in their first free election in decades. There were no serious injuries among the Americans during 45 minutes of rioting, Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson told Reuters. Troops shot the four dead with rifles after failing to quell the riot with plastic pellets fired from shotguns. […] Some detainees have been held for more than a year, Johnson said, noting that the camp was now the main internment facility for suspected guerrillas in Iraq. […]”


Excerpt of a Reuters article from February 1st, 2005

Camp Bucca in Iraq


Video: The 2005 Camp Bucca Riots - Video shot by a member of the U.S. military police in 2005


Media Reports


February 18th, 2007 - Jailed 2 Years, Iraqi Tells of Abuse by Americans

1 news article by the New York Times


February 21st, 2005 - Prisoner Uprising In Iraq Exposes New Risk for U.S.

1 news article by the Washington Post


February 1st, 2005 - U.S. Guards Shoot Dead 4 Inmates in Iraq Prison Riot

1 news article by Reuters


January 31st, 2005 - Riot at Camp Bucca Leaves Four Detainees Dead, Six Injured

1 news article by the American Forces Press Service


May 12th, 2004 - A GI’s Iraq Prison Video Diary

1 news article by CBS News



Government Reports


June 26th, 2005 - Memorandum/Subject: CID Report of Investigation

Report of of the U.S. Department of the Army


“[…] Subject: Cid Report Of Investigation - Final - 0009-05-CID579-40002-5H6/5C1B/9G2C


“Dates/Times/Locations Of Occurrences: 1. 31 Jan 2005/1130 - 31 Jan 2005/1155; Compound 5, Theater Internment Facility (TIF), Camp Bucca, Iraq (IZ) APO AE 09375 (CBI), GRID 38S MB 130840 - Date/Time Reported: 31 Jan 2005,1200


“Investigated by: [redacted] - Subject: 1. None [Justifiable Homicide] [Aggravated Assault (Unfounded)].


“Victim: 1. Abid. Ismail Hammed (Deceased); Civ/Detainee; Internment Serial Number (ISN) US9IZ-152900-CI; 1 Jan 1976; Baghdad, IZ; M; Other; CBI; [Justifiable Homicide]. 2. Mousa, Mahmood Ismaeel (Deceased); Civ/Detainee; ISN US91Z-159768-CI; 1 Jan 1967; Diala, IZ; M; Other; CBI; [Justifiable Homicide]. 3. Hamed. Khaleed Yassen (Deceased); Civ/Detainee; ISN US9IZ-166794-CI; 1 Jan 1969; Baghdad, IZ; M; Other; CBI; [Justifiable Homicide]. 4. Tawfeeek [sic], Hauthaifah Nazak (Deceased); Civ/Detainee; ISN US9IZ-156940-CI; 2 Feb 1977; Baghdad, IZ, M; Other; CBI: [Justifiable Homicide]. […]


“[…] Investigative Summary:


“This is an "Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004-2006" investigation. This investigation was initiated upon notification from the 105th Military Police (MP) Battalion (BN), CBI, of a riot inside the TIF, CBI, wherein Detainees Abid, Mousa, Hamed and Tawfeeek were shot and killed by [redacted][.] Headquarters and Headquatrers Company (HHC), 105th MB BN, CBI [redacted] HHC, 105th MP BN, CBI. [redacted] fired seven lethal bullets [redacted] fired on to control the riot. The eight shots resulted in the deaths of the aforementioned detainees and injuries to Detainees [redacted]. Detainee [redacted] was injured during the riot when non-lethal ammunition, which was used by security personnel to control the riot, struck in the eye.


“Investigation determined [redacted] were justified in their use of lethal force during the riot. After approximately 2 hours of rioting, with the riot escalating and non-lethal ammunition almost expended, [redacted] fired a total of eight rounds at detainees engaged in the riot because of fear for their own lives and the lives of other U.S. security personnel. The use of deadly force was consistent with applicable regulations and policies.


“The cause of death for Detainees Abid, Mousa, Hamed, and Tawfeeek was gunshot wounds. The manner of their deaths was homicide. The manner of death is a medical classification that should not be confused with criminal statutes. No personnel involved in controlling the riot, including [redacted] violated criminal statutes.


“Statutes: Article 128, UCMJ: Aggravated Assault (Unfounded) […].”


October 30th, 2004 - Camp Bucca, Iraq/Standard Operating Procedure

Report by the U.S. 105 Military Police Battalion (I/R) (2,0 MB)


“[…] Background - As authorized and directed by the references, Camp Bucca is designated as a place of confinement for detained personnel. Its mission is to make appropriate provisions for the custody, control, and basic needs of all detained personnel.


“Applicability - This procedure applies to all military and civilian personnel assigned to or working at the Camp Bucca, Iraq Internment Facility (IF). All personnel will enforce all orders and regulations pertaining to the daily operation of the facility and their assigned posts. All personnel will be familiar with all facility directives, emergency plans and all special orders pertaining to their post and carry out all general orders for their post. Officers and NCO’s in charge of sections will publish supplementary instructions required to ensure compliance and to provide effective operation in the performance of their mission.


“Authority - The Commander of Camp Bucca, based on his authority, the responsibility of command, and the guidelines set forth in the regulations referenced above has established Standards of Conduct for all personnel who enter Camp Bucca. Commanders may, either in general statements of procedure, or on a case-by case basis, further interpret or modify the Standards of Conduct for all who have access to Camp Bucca. […]”


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1) A U.S. soldier guards Camp Bucca’s Theater Internment Facility, which has been the site of several disturbances. - February 2005 - Nabil Al Jurani/AP;


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