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Palestine: White Phosphorus Attacks on Gaza/CNN Documentary - January 25th, 2009




“With Israel’s latest war on Gaza over, international rights groups and medical professionals have begun a campaign to reveal the human cost of the three-week war. […] One of the most gruesome photos presented at a public meeting at Egypt’s Doctor’s Syndicate Sunday was of a three-year-old girl who had been extensively and deeply burned, in some places revealing the bones. […] Pointing to another picture, Ibrahim Elgeady, a doctor from Cairo University, said: ‘This is [the result of] white phosphorus. You can see how the entire body was burned as an illegal result of this weapon.’ […]”


Excerpt of a Middle East Times article from January 27th, 2009.

White phosphorus smoke over Gaza city


The Video



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White phosphorus attack on UN school at Beit Lahia

Scene 1

Scene 2

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The Video


1) The video is a CNN documentary, which was broadcasted on January 25th, 2009 and produced by By David Edwards. The official description from the CNN website states: “CNN’s Ben Wedeman reported on Israel’s use of incendiary weapons containing white phosphorus as a part of their assault on Gaza.”


White phosphorus attack on UN school at Beit Lahia


1 - 3) Palestinian civilians and medics run to safety during an Israeli strike with white phosphorus shells over a UN school in Beit Lahia, Gaza. - January 17th, 2009 -  Mohammed Abed/AFP/Getty Images;


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