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The Second Gulf War/Iraq Invasion II


The Preparation - “The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq”

The Justification for the War

The Financing of the War

The Killing of Civilians

The Prisoner Abuse

Involvement of German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) in the Iraq War

The Story of “Curveball” - Rafid Ahmed Alwan

U.S. Policy in Iraq

U.S. Military Operations in Iraq

War Videos


The White Phosphorus Trilogy


White Phosphorus Weapons in Iraq

White Phosphorus Weapons in South Lebanon

White Phosphorus Weapons in Gaza

White Phosphorus Weapons: FOIA Requests


The Concentration Camps


Guantánamo Bay


Military Doctrine & Strategy


Military Doctrine

Field Manuals


The Invasion of Afghanistan


The Killing of Civilians


The Somalia Civil War


The U.S. Support of the Warlords

U.S. Killings of Civilians in Somalia


The Vietnam War


The Agent Orange Legacy



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